Lets Get Naked!

New Zealand's Online Naturist Club!

Naturist Etiquette

As a responsible online Naturist club, we fully support the generally accepted codes of etiquette that are observed in this country. It's important that people wishing to get naked in New Zealand behave appropriately. Just because it's legal to get naked almost anywhere around the water, that doesn't mean that it's advisable to do so without regard for other people's comfort and opinion.

Remember that the actions of one naked person can (and unfortunately sometimes do!) greatly affect the opinions of others towards naturists in general. We are attempting to educate the general public to this fact, there have been unfortunate instances of down right bad behaviour by naked individuals (that few would consider to be true naturists) that have made the papers (not to mention legal action against them) that have negatively affected the publics view of naturists as a whole.


Respect non-naturist neighbours. Beaches known for regular naturist use are are NOT for the sole use of naturists. Be friendly and respect other people's comfort. They may not like you being nude and they don't have to like it, deal with it!

Respect each other's privacy and especially respect your neighbour’s space. Looking is normal, but staring is rude.

Lewd or derogatory comments are immature, unwelcome and damn right rude! The beach is not a good place to start a row (we all hate sand in the eyes), so save it for the mirror!

Keep your music volume low, you may love it but others are sure not to.

No sexual activity. Responsible nude beach users have zero tolerance for lewd behavior. It's not appropriate on a non-nudist beach, neither is it on a nudist beach. Get a boat and go find a deserted island!

Photos: Ask first! Especially minors should never be photographed without the express consent of parents, FULL STOP! Especially if they are nude NUFF SAID!!!

Don’t litter. Keep the beach clean and pick up stray litter you find. Glass containers are NOT appropriate on the beach. Smokers – cigarette butts do NOT belong in the sea or on the sand, dispose of them properly.

Stay out of the dunes and other environmentally sensitive areas.

Do your part, as a good citizen, to keep the beach safe and secure for all. Don’t tolerate
inappropriate behaviour; report it to council patrol or the police at once.

GENITAL JEWELLERY (By "genital jewellery" we mean the blatantly obvious stuff (cock rings etc), not a small stud that can hardly (if at all) been noticed from a distance).

The question of whether or not genital jewellery is appropriate in a public naturist/nudist situation is hotly debated amoungst naturists.

In an ideal world, people should be able to enjoy the right to individuality when it comes to wearing jewellery or other adornments on their body. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. At the present time nudism or naturism is still viewed by the majority of New Zealand society as an alternative lifestyle and not the generally accepted “norm”. If we are to change that attitude, we must be careful to present the lifestyle as “squeaky clean” as possible, so that we cannot be accused of promoting a way of life that focuses on anything that could be construed as sexual.

The problem with genital jewellery is that it draws attention to a person’s sexual organs, whether that is the intention or not. While we agree that you shouldn’t be forced to justify something you consider to be natural, it still doesn’t change other people's attitudes. Until the general public start to view nudism as normal, it will continue to be a minority lifestyle and we will have to fight, not only to extend our privileges, but also to keep what we’ve already won.

Our aim is to promote the enjoyment of being naked in New Zealand to “normal” mainstream society. Therefore it’s considered bad form to engage in anything that will discourage “normal” people from getting involved. In New Zealand we have no laws against being naked in public in the kinds of locations where it’s appropriate – beaches, rivers, forests, etc. – so long as there is no offensive or lewd behaviour going on. In many other countries nudists do not have such freedom as we enjoy, but it would not take much to cause our own lawmakers to take that freedom from us also.

For these reasons we strongly discourage you from wearing genital jewellery at all nudist/naturist locations, particularly those clothing-optional places where “textiles” are also present.